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I offer high-quality translations from French, English and Spanish into Dutch and Flemish, so your message is crystal clear for your target audience. I work closely with you and adapt the copy if needed, until you are entirely satisfied with the result. With me, your company will reach a new target audience, reinforcing your brand image.

Thanks to my network, you can also call on me for other languages such as German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and Greek, and other language combinations, like Dutch>English and English>French.

The Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools I work with are WordFast Pro and memoQ, and I have experience working with Phrase and Lokalise. This is paid translation software for professional translators, so I can ensure consistency in all my translations for your company by creating glossaries.

Proofreading / Revision

I check (and double-check) an existing translation in terms of spelling, grammar, style and/or terminology. I have eye for detail and will polish your Dutch/Flemish texts until they shine brightly!

Revision services include checking the source text against the target text, while proofreading means I only check the target (Dutch/Flemish) text.


Transcreation is a combination of ‘translation’ and ‘creation’. When translating a document, I keep the meaning of the source text, while transcreation is a creative adaptation of a commercial message into another language, but I stick to the context, target, style and tone of voice.

This is where you come in by providing a brief – a tool that I use to really understand what you want to achieve with your message. This will contain all the relevant information, like what company and product or service the copy is about, who your target audience is, where and how the copy will appear, and any relevant reference material.

Specialist fields

Tourism & Travel

Does your company want to reach an international audience? Do you need creative copy that makes potential Dutch/Flemish clients (or speakers of other languages) want to start packing their bags immediately?

That’s where I come in.

When people can read a tourism magazine or visit a booking website in their native language, this enhances their customer experience.

I can help you reach new, international customers and boost your company’s revenue with my outstanding cultural knowledge.

Types of tourism & travel translations I offer:

Travel guides

Articles/commercials for airlines

Organised tours

Tourism magazines


Websites and brochures for hotels/glamping sites/ski resorts

Booking websites

Official travel documents

Beauty & Fashion

The beauty and fashion industries are ever evolving. It is incredibly important that translations for these sectors are accurate. They not only have to be precise in the terms they use, but also have to attract readers from the target country and convince them to buy your product or service!

For a translation as luxurious as your beauty or fashion product, you need a professional translator with unparalleled knowledge of beauty and fashion terminology. One who knows how to convince potential clients with creative translations that reflect your brand and image. In a nutshell: me!

Types of beauty & fashion translations I offer:


Hairdresser's products


Baby and children's clothing

Women's and men's clothing

Accessories (purses, scarfs, jewellery, watches, etc.)

Gastronomy & Lifestyle

The tourism industry is closely related to all things food and drink.

Does your restaurant or hotel want to offer your menu in another language to attract more customers?

Does your winery want to take its next step toward selling globally?

I’ll transform your copy into a sparkling message that not only hits home with the right words, but also reads smoothly and makes your readers’ mouth water.

Types of gastronomy & lifestyle translations I offer:

Restaurant menus/websites


Culinary magazines


Interior design

Wellness & spa


Haven't found what you're looking for?

I also have extensive experience in:


advertising, social media posts, (e)-magazine articles, presentations, human resources (training materials), newsletters, product labels, internal communication, market research, dating websites, etc.


terms and conditions, conditions of sale, legal notice, privacy/cookie policies, competition rules, partnership agreements, labour agreements, labour relations and legislation, codes of conduct, certificates of accuracy, GDPR, etc.


health care, psychiatric care, patient questionnaires, pharmaceuticals, physical and mental illnessess, informed consent forms, clinical trials, medical devices, medical diaries, etc.


children’s books


board games, video games, social games, casino games, slots, etc.


Mariella has been working for our major fashion clients and we are very happy with her performance. Mariella is responsive, professional and friendly. We look forward to continuing working with her.

by Codex Global, UK

We have been relying on Mariella's services for several years now and we strongly recommend her!

by Groupe AeC, France

Mariella is a very responsive and thorough language professional. She asks relevant questions to clarify any doubts she may have and delivers consistently on time.

by Asiatis, Canada

I hired Mariella to translate a website for a pharma company into Flemish. The content combined some technical and business texts with marketing and awareness texts. Her work was excellent. She had a very good attention to detail and her communication was flawless. I'd love to work with her again and I recommend her services to any company requiring translations into Flemish.

by Alicia González López, Prêt-à-translate, Spain

We appreciate Mariella’s professionalism, reactivity, and seriousness. We will gladly call on her again to translate our travel guides.

by Clémence Mathé, Jonglez Publishing, France

Mariella is taking care of the translations for our site since a few years now, and her follow-up is professional and careful. The services she offers are fast and of high quality, which why we are fully satisfied. We warmly recommend Mariella for her outstanding work.

by Ninn Alleman, Melting Prod, Belgium

Thank you for your services. We will certainly call upon you again.