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  • Translations

    Translation rates depend on the following factors:
    type of document volume deadline
    Rates are calculated based on the number of words in the source language if the document is delivered via email or on the number of words in the target language if it is delivered by mail and if the source file is a PDF or PowerPoint presentation.

    A minimum rate of 50 euros applies to all translations.

  • Proofreading/revision

    Our proofreading/revision rate is set on 40 euros per hour.

  • Localization

    For text localization a minimum rate of 40 euros per hour is charged.

NB!: VAT at a rate of 21% applies to all projects (only for clients residing in Belgium).

Want to know the exact price you'll pay for the translation/revision of your document? Please contact us.

Thanks to our small size we are able to offer competitive rates.

At Idiomar, languages are our daily occupation. Weekly we handle several assignments in different fields.


  • General

    • emails
    • job advertisements
    • questionnaires
    • CVs
    • messages on social media
    • interviews
    • contest rules
    • press releases
    • children's books
    • dating sites
    • articles about climate change
    • ...
  • Tourism

    • travel guides
    • hotel brochures
    • commercials for airline companies
    • excursions
    • car/chalet rental
    • articles in tourism magazines (exotic destinations, ski resorts...)
    • eco-tourism
    • hotel/camping websites
    • ...
  • Marketing and Commercial

    • company presentations
    • advertising
    • websites/brochures
    • newsletters/emails
    • apps
    • product labels
    • product presentations
    • human resources
    • (business) events
    • toys/toy fairs/baby gear
    • luxury and sports cars
    • furniture and home decoration
    • ...
  • Fashion

    • lingerie
    • baby and children's clothing
    • women's and men's clothing
    • Italian luxury clothing
    • accessories (purses, scarfs, jewellery...)
    • web shops
    • hairdresser's products
    • ...
  • Cosmetics

    • hair products
    • body and facial products
    • perfumes
    • etheric oils
    • self-tan products
    • ...
  • Technical

    • user manuals
    • quotes
    • catalogues
    • declarations of safety and conformity
    • material safety data sheets (MSDS)
    • architecture
    • business data and activities (for audits)
    • computer science (software, cyber security, AI...)
    • ...
  • Legal

    • general terms and conditions
    • terms of sale
    • contracts
    • legal mentions/privacy policies
    • labour/partnership agreements
    • labour relations and legislation
    • certificates of accuracy
    • pleadings
    • appeals
    • codes of conduct
    • law offices websites
    • GDPR
    • ...
  • Medical

    • health care/psychiatry
    • patient questionnaires
    • informed consent forms
    • clinical trials
    • medical devices
    • medical diaries
    • articles in medical magazines
    • pharmaceuticals
    • robotic surgery
    • ...
  • Culinary

    • restaurant menus
    • restaurant and pub websites
    • serving techniques
    • articles in culinary magazines (beer breweries...)
    • recipes/ingredients/nutritional values
    • Belgian sauces
    • dietary supplements
    • animal feed
    • ...


What our clients say about us

Feedback 01

"We have worked with Idiomar on translations from French into Dutch and we are very satisfied with both the process and the result. Mariella is very professional and receptive. It was a pleasure working with her."

Portuguese client

"Thanks to your excellent work we won the contract. Therefore, we would like to continue our collaboration."

British client
Feedback 02

"We are very pleased to have found Mariella for our translation/editing jobs into Dutch and hope we can count on her services for many years to come!"

Belgian client

"Idiomar has been working for our major fashion clients and we are very happy with her performance. Mariella is responsive, professional and friendly. We are looking forward to our future collaboration."

British client
Feedback 03

"I worked with Idiomar for a translation from Dutch into French. Both communication and result were very satisfactory. If I need any more help regarding translations in the future, I am definitely going to contact Idiomar again."

Belgian client

"It is always a pleasure to work with Mariella. She is professional and approachable. We appreciate having her on our team."

French client

"Mariella is an excellent translator, always delivering high-quality translations on time. I have worked with her several times and definitely recommend her!"

Belgian client

"Mariella is a reliable translator who meets required deadlines. We can count on her seriousness and her good humour during work on our projects".

Belgian client


Idiomar is a Belgian translation agency run by Mariella Vanbaelen. She holds a Master in Translation with Dutch, French and Spanish as linguistic combinations. In addition, she studied Japanese for 2 years. Mariella is a Member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters. Idiomar can rely on an extensive worldwide network of independent translators and revisors.

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